"In the context of the exhibition Richtfest:Luftige Schlösser und konkrete Utopien (Airy castles and concrete utopias) that took place in a construction site in Radolfzell, various building materials were stolen from the construction site of the Stadtschloss in Berlin by the artist Stefan Klein and exchanged with materials from the construction site in Radolfzell. The materials remain the same - and it is usually materials that can be found on many construction sites. A controversial building in the capital (which could not better be described as airy castles and concrete utopias) is linked to a common house in a smaller city on the other side of the country by the stolen and exchanged building materials. The artistic intervention has a long-term effect on the building over the duration of the exhibition. It is not directly apparent to the viewer what is happening, exactly what things have been exchanged, the artist evades the burden of proof in concrete terms. For the viewer, the conceptual diversity of the work is revealed precisely in the imagination."

(QLT Magazine, 07.2018)

Foto-credit: Screenshot berliner-schloss.de