The church bell in the Barfüßerkirche in Augsburg which is not fuctioning anymore due to repairs was replaced in a withdrawn and modest gesture in a way that emphasizes and underscores the absence: now during the usual times, an audio recording of the ringing of the bell is played back on site in the bell tower, in which the frequency range, which can usually be perceived by the human ear was filtered out beforehand.

The only physical object that remained in the church is a framed short essay by the philosopher Dr. Andreas Rauh reflecting on Atmoshpheres and this work.

While the empty space is emphasized on site, the ringing of the bell of the Barfüßerkirche is made available for download as a ringtone for the mobile phone.

The real bell tone, which is no longer perceptible directly at the church, is scattered into the public and private space far beyond the immediate location of the church building. The randomness of the calls now determines the timing, which can range from an occasional ringing of the bell during a walk in the forest to a random bell orchestra in a public square in another city.

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Part of >>ZWISCHENSPIEL - Artists in Residence<<

With generous support of: Harald Wolf, Carlos Andres Onofre Prada, Barfüßergemeinde Augsburg, Evang.-Luth. Kirche in Bayern Kirchenkreis Augsburg und Schwaben sowie Kirchenkreis Nürnberg und die Erzdiözese München und Freising, Fachbereich Kunstpastoral